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RNAscope® HiPlex Assay

RNAscope® HiPlex Assay


Detect RNA with Morphological Context and Spatial Resolution - Simultaneously detection of up to 12 different RNA targets per slide mounted sample


< Features>
  • Single molecule detection of specific RNA targets using 8 and 12 Plex Assays
  • Spatial context using a vast offering of sensitive catalog and made-to-order probe
  • Sprint to results with plexing and multiple sample type compatibility
  • Signal amplification and detection for up to 12 mRNA targets on the same tissue section
  • target probes assigned to a different probe tail/type (T1-T12)
  • a series of highly effective and specific signal amplifications
  • single RNA transcripts visualized as punctate dots in four distinct fluorescent channels.
  • Iterative fluorescent detection in groups of 4- targets at a time (3 rounds)
  • Conserves morphology and preserves RNA quality with chemical based rapid cleaving 

< Benefit >
  • SPECIFICITY of the Proprietary Double Z Probe Design: More Data and Insights
  • SENSITIVITY of the Patented Amplification System: Fully Optimized Assays
  • SPEED with the Shortest ISH Assay:Confidence in Performance
  • Visualize at the Single Cell Level with Unmatched Resolution 

< workflow >


품번 품명
Various RNAscope® HiPlex Target Probes, T1 to T8 
Various RNAscope® HiPlex Positive Control Probes (species specific)
324341 RNAscope® HiPlex Negative Control Probes
324301 RNAscope® HiPlex Probe Diluent
324100 RNAscope® HiPlex8 Reagent Kit (Pretreatment, detection, cleaving reagent & wash buffer) 
324140 RNAscope® HiPlex12 Ancillary Kit